Life is a movie.

I got into the movie business to be different from all my friends because they were going into business school or engineering. I wanted to stand out. To be different; to not feel like and outsider. Now that i’m in the “biz” I found that there are cliques. Feels just like high school all over again. Isn’t that ironic? For someone who wanted to be different, it’s like going back to square one.

December 31, 2011: Another blog I wrote awhile ago. When I was writing this, I felt so frustrated with the things I saw and the way things were going in my career as a production assistant. From the ways things were going, I made a promise to myself. One day, in the future, when i’m doing okay for myself, i’m going to change somethings in the indie film business. I going to try and made a difference. Someway, somehow, i;m going to change someone’s life. I don’t know how yet, but I will. Trust and believe me. 


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